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Kern County Department of Public Health Services

Lacey, a 6 1Ú2 pound mixed breed, was tethered on a short leash to a tree, struck in the mouth with a golf club, had her eyes sprayed with bleach and was left there untreated for four days.

Bakersfield police arrested a man on suspicion of animal cruelty last Saturday after they found his dog had been tortured and then tied to a tree to suffer without treatment.

The 6-pound mixed breed named Lacey had apparently been struck in the mouth with a golf club, and her eyes had been sprayed with bleach, according to a release from the Kern County Department of Public Health Services.

Officers took Lacey to animal emergency where she was stabilized. On Monday, she was transported to Coffee Road Veterinary Hospital where she underwent surgery and treatment to save her eyesight. The badly injured dog remained there Friday.

Kern County Animal Control has secured a rescue home for rehabilitation for Lacey once she has been released -- and Friends of the Kern County Animal Shelters Foundation has graciously stepped in to accept donations, said Public Health Services Director Matt Constantine.

"It's a shock, a disgusting example of not only irresponsibility, but out and out animal cruelty," Constantine said in response to the report.

"We will not put up with this," he added, "and we will assist in the prosecution of anyone who chooses to treat an animal this way."

Constantine said the decision to provide medical treatment to Lacey rather than euthanize her was made by city animal employees. He supported their decision to save the dog.

Friends Foundation President Judi Daunell said the organization is willing to cooperate with Animal Control in collecting donations for Lacey's care.

Checks should be made out to Friends Foundation or FKCASF with "Lacey" in the memo line and mailed to: P.O. Box 11494, Bakersfield, CA 93389.

You can also go to and donate using PayPal. Donors should write "Lacey" in the notes box when they make the donation.