The valley air district's popular electric lawn mower trade-in program may have become even more popular.

Through funding from the state Air Resources Board, the air district has slashed prices on nonpolluting, cordless electric lawn mowers, the district said in a release Monday.

Clean Green Yard Machines is now offering the Neuton cordless, electric lawn mower -- in two blade sizes -- for $50 or less.

The 14-inch Neuton cordless electric mower will now cost consumers just $25, while the larger 19-inch model goes for $50.

Vouchers and a trade-in of an older, gas-powered mower are required.

"This has been our most popular consumer incentive for many years, and with this new funding, we're excited that many more valley residents will be able to participate," Samir Sheikh, the director of the district's strategies and incentives program, said in the release.

The new round of funding will replace approximately 1,600 older, gas-powered mowers with clean, nonpolluting Neutons. A single gas-powered mower running for an hour produces about as much pollution as 40 late-model cars, according to the district.

To participate, residents must call or visit an air district office and obtain a voucher (limit one voucher per household, three per business), and turn in a gas-powered mower at a participating recycler. Vouchers are valid for 30 days from issue date. The program will be open until funds are exhausted.

For complete details about the program, visit or call the Strategies and Incentives program at 559-230-5800.