Redbox announced Monday that it now offers video games in addition to new release DVDs and Blu-ray Discs at select redbox locations throughout Bakersfield.

The addition of video games in the Bakersfield area is a test designed to gauge consumer interest in video game rentals.

Bakersfield-area redbox consumers now can rent a variety of video games from such platforms as Wii, PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360, for $2 a night plus tax.

at 9612 Flushing Quail Road in Bakersfield.

The Chilling Berry Yogurt and Tea offers six flavors of frozen yogurt, with 18 dry toppings and 16 fruit toppings, said owner Carmen Baker.

It also offers 50 hot tea flavors and five iced teas.

Seating capacity is about 23.

A new Japanese restaurant is scheduled to open in The Marketplace, 9000 Ming Ave., in December.

Miyoshi is a 1,554-square-foot casual dining restaurant that will be located near the fountain. It will serve sushi, teriyaki, tempura and salads, among other things.

Owner Thomas Park owns two other Asian eateries in Bakersfield.