State Sen. Dean Florez's Pet Responsibility Act was brought back to life Tuesday with a one-time "reconsideration" and a skin-of-its teeth 21 to 16 vote in favor by the California Senate.

"Now it's on to the Assembly," said activist and bill supporter Judie Mancuso.

Florez, D-Shafter, first brought Senate Bill 250 to a vote of the Senate on Monday, where it failed 16-15, because a lot of senators missed the vote, Mancuso said.

She said Florez kept the bill alive with a request for reconsideration.

"You can only do it one time. It was a do or die," she said. "We brought it back today."

The bill requires people to spay or neuter their dogs or obtain a license to keep an unaltered animal. People who violate certain animal control laws could lose that license. And it requires that cats allowed to roam freely be spayed or neutered.