A Bakersfield High School science teacher has been placed on leave after allegedly using duct tape to tape a student’s fingers and mouth shut during class.

Teacher Carol Humphrey was placed on paid administrative leave Dec. 5 — the same day of the alleged incident, said district spokesman John Teves.

Teves said the student was making a sound during class by thumping his fingers against his air-filled cheeks. He said the district has an “indication” that Humphrey then taped the student’s mouth shut and placed tape over a few of his fingers.

“I think the teacher may have thought this was a humorous way to address it,” Teves said. “It was not humorous. Putting hands on a student is not acceptable.”

Teves said Humphrey has been with the Kern High School District since 1971 and has had no previous disciplinary problems. The district is investigating the incident, Teves said.

Attempts to reach Humphrey early this afternoon were not immediately successful.