A Bakersfield man followed his wife to Garden Grove, where he shot her to death Monday in front of their 6-year-old child and then killed himself with the same handgun, Garden Grove police said.

Norma Villanueva, 30, was in front of a house at about 1 p.m. when she was shot by Samuel Elias Rodriguez, 34, police said.

Villanueva was at the home after bringing herself and one of her four children to Garden Grove on Friday.

Friends told police the couple had been married for 10 years, the Orange County Registerreported.

They moved to the 10000 block of Polo Saddle Drive within the last several months, but are originally from the Santa Ana area, police reported.

One friend, Marisa Carrasco told the Orange County newspaper that the woman feared for herself and her kids.

Carrasco said the couple had separated off and on for the last couple years.

The victim's husband left Bakersfield with their other three children, left two of those children with a family member, drove with one child to the house, convinced his wife to walk out to the driveway and then shot her, police reported.

Police said their 6-year-old child saw the shootings, but it was not clear whether that was the child who came with him or with her to the house.

"He was obviously set on doing this whether it was around his kids or not," Garden Grove Police Lt. Mike Handfield told the Register