United Airlines cancels service between Bakersfield, Houston

In this file photo, a worker refuels a United Express jet at Meadows Field.

A decline in oil-related business travel has prompted United Airlines to end flights between Bakersfield and Houston in early April, five years after the service launched.

Local travel agents say the last flight from Bakersfield to Houston will be April 4.

United said it continually evaluates demand for service in all its markets, and that the “difficult decision” to end service between the two cities was “due to the significant decline in demand for oil/energy sector related travel.”

The airline began offering twice-daily,

A Kernville house was totally lost to a fire caused by an electrical malfunction in this file photo.

County supervisors approve another round of painful cuts

Kern County supervisors decided to spread the budget pain around Tuesday to deal with an expected $55 million hole in funding for next fiscal year.  Cuts won’t happen now. What supervisors approved was an initial plan to kick off the months of work that will lead to drafting a final budget

Lois Henry

LOIS HENRY: If simple facts don't make your case, maybe you don't have one

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