D.A.'s office: Deputies justified in using deadly force against manhunt suspect

Benjamin Peter Ashley was identified as the manhunt suspect accused of killing a retired dentist and firing upon deputies.

Kern County sheriff’s deputies who fired upon manhunt suspect Benjamin Peter Ashley were justified in their use of deadly force as Ashley was armed with a handgun and pointing it in their direction, the District Attorney’s office announced Tuesday.

The D.A.’s investigation found Ashley refused to comply with repeated demands to drop the gun, and that both Deputies Kevin Parsons and Edward Perry believed their lives were in danger during the Aug. 15 confrontation.

A news release from the D.A.’s office states, “Deputy Parsons was faced with a

From left, Roy Iversen, personal injury lawyer Matthew Clark and associate attorney Neil Gehlawat hold a news conference discussing a lawsuit regarding exploding e-cigarettes. Iversen said he suffered second-degree burns and had a skin graft surgery after his e-cigarette exploded in his pocket.

Third Bakersfield resident filing e-cigarette lawsuit

Bakersfield resident Roy Iversen was riding home from work on Interstate 5 when his electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, exploded in his pocket. “It almost sounded like a firecracker going off on my leg and then it was just flames shooting up about a foot,” Iversen said Tuesday during a news



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