A battle may be brewing between food trucks and brick-and-mortar restaurants in Bakersfield

Chris Gonzalez of the Curbside Kitchen at 18th and H streets calls out an order as Amber Toepher grabs another order.

Bakersfield has long been behind the curve when it comes to attracting and supporting higher-end or innovative food trucks like the bistros on wheels that took Los Angeles by storm over the past two decades.

Kogi’s Korean fusion tacos, The Grilled Cheese Truck’s witch doctored-up sandwiches and Mariscos Jalisco’s sultry Brazilian fare are just a few of the players that introduced daring food concepts to a dining public hungry for casual street chic on the cheap.

Now, food trucks like Curbside Kitchen, Pita Paradise, Quig’s BBQ and others are staking

 fireworksmontage09.jpg -- Fireworks of all shapes and sizes go on sale in most of Kern County on Wednesday.

Divided council narrowly supports cutting fireworks use on July 1

A conflicted and somewhat inflamed Bakersfield City Council gave first reading Wednesday to two ordinances that would limit the use of legal fireworks and fine violators. The City Council first voted 6-1 in favor of creating an administrative citation process by which “trained” city employees



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