Police kill shooter following Padre Hotel fight

John Harte / For The Californian Bakersfield police investigators, and uniformed officer Robert Tyo, work at the entrance to Wall Street Alley and H Street late Sunday morning. This appears to be the location where the suspect fell and was treated before transport to a hospital. A man was shot and killed by a Bakersfield police officer around 2 am Sunday after he fired a shot at the officer during a short foot pursuit, according to a Bakersfield police report.

A Bakersfield Police Department officer shot a man early Sunday morning after he fired at an officer during a short foot chase in downtown Bakersfield, according to police.

The subject died later in a hospital.

But people who work and visit downtown said they do feel safe there, despite what happened.

Details of the incident were limited Sunday afternoon. Sgt. Mike Coronado said officers were taking the time needed to go carefully through the evidence before making any additional statement.

A single report on the shooting stated that officers were dispatched to

A woman and child were sent to the hospital after the car they were riding in rolled on Highway 99. The car was changing lanes when the driver noticed a truck in the lane at the last second. The driver overcorrected and lost control of the car. Drugs or alcohol are not thought to be a factor.

Two sent to hospital for minor injuries after single vehicle crash

A woman and child were sent to the hospital after the car they were riding in rolled on Highway 99. Shortly after 4 p.m. Saturday, a white Chevrolet Cobalt was driving in the fast lane at approximately 60 mph, California Highway Patrol Officer David Avis said. The driver began to change lanes, but

The Padre Hotel became a mouthpiece for Spartacus Miller's protests.

How well do you know Bakersfield? Take our quiz and prove it

A true, homegrown Bakersfieldian can demonstrate his or her authenticity in any number of ways. Hang around the Pyrenees Cafe and talk about Frank Gifford. Sidle up to the bar at The Padre and tell your favorite yarn about the Towne Casino’s mannequin on the flying trapeze. Give us your best Buck



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