Killer ends life after triggering mayhem in Oildale

Lori Todd, right, watches as police swarm an Oildale neighborhood where her brother was shot to death Friday morning. "Somebody shot my brother,” she said. “My brother is dead.”

A man who killed his uncle Friday ended his own life several miles from the crime scene a few hours later. But sheriff's deputies, unaware the suspect was dead, hunkered down for a seven-hour standoff outside a house in Oildale where they believed the killer was barricaded, and later issued an all-points bulletin that he had escaped.

Instead, Christopher Gray, 30, had died long before deputies had stormed the home, discovering it was empty. He headed to a Walmart on Rosedale Highway at about 11:15 a.m. and was reported for shoplifting. When Bakersfield Police Department officers

The Bakersfield College gymnasium and Gil Bishop Sports Center.

Modernization at forefront for sports facilities targeted in BC bond issue

These days, the Gil Bishop Sports Center, named for a visionary who helped build Bakersfield College, has become a mass of concrete that is difficult to maintain, and has aged visibly since its construction in the 1950s. Truth be told, that’s been the case for years, as it has for dozens of aging

Rick Jones, of South Lake, lost his mobile home and motorhome in the Erskine Fire — and didn't have insurance.

Feds deny disaster declaration for Erskine Fire victims

The State of California’s request for a major disaster declaration for victims of the deadly Erskine Fire, which killed two and burned 75 square miles in eastern Kern County, has been denied, a Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator said Friday. Based on its review of  Lt. Gov.



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