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Brice Linglet goes through a demonstration with his Speed Pro Window Washer for attendees at the Bakersfield Home and Garden Show at the fairgrounds in 2011.

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A Japanese maple copper fountain awaits notice from Julie Crawford, Nicole Gallagher and Tammy Morin at the Maranatha Landscaping booth at the Bakersfield Home and Garden Show in 2011.

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Ashlynn Souza, 9, and Lexie Knight, 6, watch as Rich Cousins cuts through a metal hammer during a Super Knife demonstration at the Bakersfield Home and Garden Show in 2011.

There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to owning a home, but there's one in particular Joaquin Rodriguez would like to clear up:

You don't actually have to own a home to benefit from attending the 28th Annual Bakersfield Home and Garden Show.

Mansion, apartment, shack, houseboat or shanty -- if you're looking to make the place where you make your bed feel a bit more homey you're bound to find a seminar, pamphlet or product that will help you do just that.

"When we say 'home show,' we mean anything that's related to the home. There might be a guy selling a piece of artwork that would be great on that empty wall in your apartment; we have chiropractors, we have exhibitors that sell pet products; one of our vendors sells hot sauce -- you'll find all these products and services, not just someone to fix your roof or build you a fence."

The show will feature nearly 500 vendors, many of them local contractors and carpenters to consult for larger home projects on the to-do list for spring.

"When exhibitors show up to these shows, they understand that you don't have to buy anything," Rodriguez said. "So many of them will give you a deal. Oftentimes an exhibitor will have a show deal, special pricing just for the show, and they'll say after this, this is how much the product will cost back at the store front."

With 150 new exhibitors, this year's show is the largest yet. In addition, there will be plenty of activities for adults and their kids, as well as informational presentations, like Country Garden Seminars. Topics vary, covering everything from "Planting Veggies to Grill" at 3 p.m. Friday to "Tree Rose Pruning" at noon Sunday.

Students from Bakersfield College will demonstrate how to "microscape," or garden in smaller spaces, like an apartment patio. Their display will be featured alongside other local landscapers in the "Landscape Design Challenge," a new feature for 2014. Guests can stop by and vote on their favorite while getting some inspiration on how to spruce up their own backyard gardens.

For the kids, there will be crafts, balloon animals, rock climbing and more located in the Kids Corner, as well as food vendors selling hot dogs, ice cream, kettle corn and other treats.

"It's just a fun day," Rodriguez said. "That's why we have a live band performing -- if people want to sit down and have something to eat and enjoy the music, or if they just want to sit down and talk to one of the guys at the seminars -- there's something for everyone to do."