Downtown may be home to the Arts District, but it's not the only place in Bakersfield where shoppers can find unique, artsy merchandise, and Dominique Curl is determined to prove it by presenting to Flea Market Super Weekend Mania.

The "upscale swap meet" will feature several vendors, music, barbecue, snow cones and children's activities, such as a bounce house and train rides.

Tucked inside the Bead and Yarn Studioin the southwest, Curl's boutique offers a contrast to the more industrial storage and flooring businesses surrounding it. Inside is a collection of antique vases, second-hand books and vintage furniture, refurbished by Curl herself. The mother of five said she became interested in refurbishing furniture out of necessity.

"I wasn't able to afford the newest, hippest thing," she said. "Especially when my daughter turned 13. She grew out of the polka dots and pink."

She said she found some free pieces, including a dresser and hutch, and customized them. Her daughter was overjoyed with the result.

"She said, 'Where did you get that from?' and I said, 'Girl, I made that for you.'"

With encouragement from family and friends, she continued her hobby until she could afford her current space. The boutique is arranged among several styles, ranging from distressed children's rocking chairs to a noir-style dresser.

"I do a lot of driving around (with five kids),"she said. "Anytime I'm driving, and I see furniture on the side of the road, I ask, 'Hey are you getting rid of that? I'll take it.' I know I can make something. That's why it's called Vintage Rubbish. If it's old or trash, I made something out of it."

She hopes the flea market will be a success in bringing awareness to other vendors like her, who will be selling art, clothing, vitamins, health products and jewelry.

She plans to continue the flea market event every third weekend of the month.