Reader Debra Sturn wrote to alert us to her dad's festive home, though if you live in the Oildale area, the glow must be hard to miss.

The home, at 2004 Margo Lane (off Airport Drive and Ann Arbor Street) is aglow with hundreds of lights and other decorations. This year's theme is "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer," complete with the song of the same name playing for passersby.

Sturn's Dad, Daverle (who asked that we not use his last name), plugs in his annual display on Thanksgiving night, though he's careful to shut everything down at 9 p.m. so his neighbors can get some sleep.

"Through the years he has received notes on his door from people in the neighborhood saying thank you, and a neighbor has even stopped by to say that his family comes from out of town every Christmas and looks forward to seeing his display."

But Sturn had a sad footnote to the story.

For the first time since her dad began his display 10 years ago, several items were stolen from his front yard a few nights ago.

"It has really made my dad question taking his display down now and, even worse, not put anything up next year. They didn't just steal a few decorations; they stole my dad's Christmas spirit. This saddens me."