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Ken Beurmann talks about his inclusion last year in the 20 under 40 feature in "Bakersfield Life" with magazine assistant managing editor Rachel Cook on "First Look with Scott Cox."

One of the most stressful moments after college graduation is applying for that first job, the job that will give you the first taste of what the rest of your career will be like.

But as many graduates fill out numerous job applications, requirements such as "must have 10 years or more of experience" might make recent graduates drop their pens and fail to finish applications.

Ken Beurmann, chief executive officer of TERRIO Physical Therapy & Fitness, Inc., said he does not agree with that mindset and exacting requirement.

"We get obsessed with this experience number and we miss candidates that are willing to be taught and grow with a company," Beurmann said Friday on "First Look with Scott Cox."

Beurmann wrote a reflective piece in the July issue of "Bakersfield Life" magazine.

Many people, Beurmann said, went through college and some even earned their master's degree when the recession hit because the job market was poor.

Now that they are ready to start working, many companies look at their lack of experience and toss their applications aside.

"With recent graduates, I see critical thinking skills, technology skills," he said. "They are dynamic."

Employers should work toward giving recent graduates the opportunity to learn and grow on the job and recognize the skills the graduates already possess, he said.