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Californian columnist Lois Henry discusses her columns with Scott Cox on "First Look with Scott Cox."

A wallet made of Jewish human skin. That pretty much gets anybody's attention. And that wallet was on Craigslist being sold for $12,000.

The owner of the wallet, Dan Glass, contacted Californian columnist Lois Henry to validate the existence of the wallet. So Henry took a trip to Lerdo jail and Wednesday on "First Look with Scott Cox," she talked about the encounter she had with Glass.

"He's a nice guy," Henry said.

As it turns out, he said his father's oldest brother was in the Army during World War II and a soldier gave him the wallet. Glass' father received the wallet along with other items and gave Glass the wallet when he was young.

Henry said Glass put the ad on Craigslist because he needed money, but he didn't find out if anybody was interested because two days later, he was booked into jail for charges unrelated to the wallet.

"He promised he would show me the wallet after he's released to a sober living house June 11," Henry said.

The columnist said that if the wallet is indeed made of human skin, it should be turned over to a Jewish organization for proper burial.


Kern County is struggling with water planning and how to conserve what we have now.

Henry said Bakersfield maintains a pathological refusal to create what other cities have created: a water ordinance.

Cities such as Santa Barbara and Santa Rosa have designated days for residents to water their lawns in hopes of encouraging water conservation.

"This can be done," Henry said. "I just don't understand why Bakersfield won't do it."

Despite the numerous water shortage public announcements found around the city or on billboards along the highways, people are still using more water than they should.

"The supplies we have right now will not meet our needs, that's the reality," Henry said. "The water table is getting very scary at this point."