Dr. Milan Shah of Beautologie talks about the treatments he offers on "First Look with Scottt Cox."

When cosmetic surgery is brought up in conversation, many people have too many questions about safety and results so they brush off the idea. But the team at Beautologie wants to answer those questions.

Wednesday on "First Look with Scott Cox," Dr. Milan Shah of Beautologie addressed questions that many people have based on other people's results.

"So many people have this fear that it will be overdone and they will look like a monster but that isn't the case," Shah said.

Ninety-nine percent of patients' fears come from the misconception that they might look worse after a procedure just because some celebrities have overdone it.

But Shah said people don't realize many people have had very successful cosmetic surgery or treatments -- you just can't tell until they tell you.

"We make sure every patient is well informed on exactly what they need to get done and then they decide," Shah said.

Besides neck lifts, botox and other procedures, Beautologie also offers treatments to address sun damage.

Living in Bakersfield, with summer temperatures rising above 100 degrees on any given day, it's not uncommon for our skin to be damaged by the sun. But taking care of skin is just as important as getting it treated after the damage has already been done, Shah said.

"UVB light causes sunburns and irritation," Shah said. "But UVA light damages the skin and that is the one we should be worried about."

Using the correct sunscreen is important and remembering to reapply is vital, he said.