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Californian Columnist Lois Henry tackles another water issue on "First Look with Scott Cox."

The proposed 3,400 luxurious mountain home development in Tejon Ranch might be in jeopardy, after a Sacramento Superior Court judge ruled earlier this month that the water bank's environmental impact report was inadequate.

Wednesday on "First Look with Scott Cox," Lois Henry, Californian columnist, talked about the ruling and what it could mean for Kern County farming operations and Tejon Ranch.

Currently, Tejon Ranch has 30,000 acre-feet of water banked in the Kern Water Bank. If the judge ceased that operation, the Tejon development would be affected, especially because an ample amount of water would be needed.

But a Tejon spokesman didn't seen alarmed.

"They said they weren't concerned about it," Henry said.

The ranch has different water supplies and the water at the bank is just there for backup, she said.