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Californian city government reporter Theo Douglas, right, talks with Scott Cox and "First Look with Scott Cox" executive producer Louis Amestoy.

New Californian city government reporter Theo Douglas stopped by "First Look with Scott Cox" Friday to talk about the topics he's been covering -- everything from "The Wall" to an increase in the ranks at the Bakersfield Police Department to medical marijuana dispensaries.

But it was the wall -- erected by a property owner in a southwest Bakersfield neighborhood -- that really got simulcast host Scott Cox's attention.

Douglas has been covering the story of homeowner Michael Hansen, who put up a cinder block wall where a walkway between the Amberton and Stockdale Estates neighborhoods used to be. Children have used it to walk to school and easily pass between the two housing developments for generations.

The new wall is on Hansen's private property. Some people support the homeowner's choice; others don't and are circulating petitions asking to have it removed.

Cox is on the side of private property rights.

Douglas said he's continuing to cover the issue.

"This guy is into this," Cox said of Douglas' excitement about covering city government issues. "That's awesome."