Have no fear, entertainment reporter Danielle Belton made the show and has got a recap — including the after party dirt.

“Vince Vaughn is so hot!” shouted a quintet of blondes from the back row when the actor strutted out onto the stage at the Fox Theater Thursday night.

He smiled. He winked. He flirted and he charmed. With four other comics and two special guest the Rat Pack was reborn.

There was no Sinatra but the spirit of Frankie and Sammy came in the form of Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy show with a country twang and twice the raunch.

Featuring the star of “Swingers” and “Wedding Crashers,” Vaughn pulled a Dean Martin, hosting the show and participating in skits in between the sets of his four comic friends, Bret Ernst, Sebastian Maniscalco, John Caparulo and Ahmed Ahmed.

But the show wasn’t just stand-up only. Dwight Yoakam sang three songs, then forced Vaughn into a rendition of “Streets of Bakersfield” that was both throaty and off-key.

Former child star Peter Billingsley came out as a special guest chatting up with Vaughn about their days together starring in After-school Specials, notably one on steroids where the diminutive Billingsley, not the 6’5” Vaughn, played a young man raging on steroids.

The new, working air conditioning at the Fox was set to freeze (the A/C infamously broke during a steaming Chris Isaak concert this summer). And the show moved at a clip, with a crowd of more than 1,100 people packed in the 1,500 seater Fox, giving Vaughn and the comics a reception was that was beyond warm.

Especially when it came to the jokes — both from the audience and the comics.

• “I love you too, honey,” Vaughn cooed at the ladies who shouted out to him every time he graced the stage. “I love you more.”

• “Arabs — we’re the new black,” shouted comic Ahmed during his set about post 9-11 racism.

• “We hate Brad Pitt,” bellowed some men.

• “I love him,” Vaughn said. The actor is rumored to be dating Pitt’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. “He’s a great guy.”

• “You can’t be single guy with a cat. You’re either gay or a villain,” Caparulo said on pet ownership.

• “Porn — it’s a me time kind of thing,” Caparulo said on a bit about friends who turn pornography viewing into a social event.

• “You’re money, baby,” Vaughn said before launching into all his catch phrases from all his films, ending on “Wedding Crashers” infamous quotes.

• “Come to my wedding!” shouted a fan.

• “Come to your wedding? Congratulations but I’m not coming to your wedding,” Vaughn said.

• “You have to be on drugs to like techno,” Bret Ernst said during his music based stand-up.

• The “Go Blind” and “Never Walk Again” are two out of the three types of shot drinks Ernst said he doesn’t want to imbibe in.

• “I’m sensitive to sensitive people,” Ernst said while talking about his hatred of the overtly politically correct.

• “I have a Yul Brynner range,” joked Vaughn about his horrific singing abilities.

• “Doyle, you’re awful! You shouldn’t be that way!” Vaughn repeatedly shouted at special guest Dwight Yoakam as Vaughn goaded him into a skit. Vaughn was still in his suit, but wearing a wig and playing a woman, Linda, from the film “Sling Blade” which starred Yoakam and Billy Bob Thornton.

• “You’re starting to scare me,” Yoakam said after Vaughn screamed the line at him and would not stop. Eventually Yoakam did act out the scene with Vaughn and Caparulo, who played the child.

• “Have a little class, ladies — wrap up the gift,” comic Sebastian Maniscalco said about women who wear half tops but have flabby stomachs.

• “Sock it!” shouted Maniscalco in his rant on men who wear thong sandals and have “Golden Grahams” for toenails.

• “Sweet Caroline” was the karaoke song Vaughn invited the audience to join for a sing-a-long as he ended the packed show, thanking Bakersfield for being good hosts.

And after the show....

• At the after party at the Crystal Palace a girl waited in the restroom “for Vince,” but Vince Vaughn didn’t show for either after-party.

• As comic Sebastian Maniscalco danced with a girl at RJ’s he was busy looking at his cell phone text messaging someone. He joked about text messaging in his stand-up.

• “I got this! I got all this!” shouted Ahmed Ahmed as he bought almost everyone he could find drinks for at RJ’s Bar after the show, referring back to Bret Ernst’s schtick on Italians and drink ordering at bars.

• Rumors about actress Jennifer Aniston being in town abounded (she’s rumored to be dating Vaughn) but she was no where in sight.