• TV watchdog Melvin P. Thorpe (Jason McClain) warns his audience that "€œTexas Has a Whorehouse In It"€ in a scene from "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" at Stars Theatre Restaurant.

    STEFANI DIAS: It’s been a business doing pleasure in Stars show

    By Saturday, Bakersfield’s “Whorehouse” will have closed for business. In this case, it’s not the handiwork of a moralistic killjoy that has Stars shutting the doors on its theatrical production but rather the end of the spirited show’s run. That said, you’ve still got three opportunities —

  • Peluqueria Canina originated in Madrid, but the punk quartet has been building a steady following in the United States.

    MATT MUNOZ: A Peluqueria brand of punk

    What do the restless youths on the streets of Madrid have in common with the restless youths on the streets of Bakersfield? Punk quartet Peluqueria Canina, whose new full-length album “Jovenes Promesas,” has been slow-burning its way through indie music channels after being released stateside

  • Lois Henry

    LOIS HENRY: 'Extra' Kern River water is in the eye of the beholder

    After five years and millions of dollars in attorneys fees, the North Kern Water Storage District won an appellate court decision last week that, basically, says Bakersfield must continue selling it Kern River water when it has water to spare. Hmmm. Back in 2011, the two entities were in talks to

  • Herb Benham

    HERB BENHAM: What could be more interesting?

    I start with a musical recommendation. That’s how fired up I am about Darlingside and their song “The God of Loss.” This group, comprised of four guys who met at Williams College, makes terrific music. Exquisite songwriting and harmonies that will remind you why you love music. You’ll want to

  • Richard Beene

    BAKERSFIELD OBSERVED A blog about life, media, politics & people

    WEEKEND: You didn’t have to go far this weekend to find an event to attend, be it Links for Life at Seven Oaks, Relay for Life at the fairgrounds, a dinner for Catholic Charities, Cal State Bakersfield’s community day or the Great American Cleanup that saw folks spread out across town sprucing up

  • Ask TBC: Who's paying for these school carports?

    Q: How are all these Bakersfield high schools paying for car-cover awnings that are being put in place over the student parking lot? I also notice an elementary school recently had them installed over the teachers’ parking lot. Are all those school bonds passed, taxes paid for education or lottery

  • Californian community columnist Steve Flores

    STEVE FLORES: Dodger suite more than a nice room

    My suite story begins in our small Watts Drive home in southeast Bakersfield more than 51 years ago. Although a professed Giants fan, my dad, Larry, was a baseball chameleon whose shade often turned Dodger blue. The only San Francisco Giants game I can remember watching on our black and white

  • Ron May, the prior owner of the Benham home.

    HERB BENHAM: The house that built Beau

    Sunday morning a car pulled up across the street. A handsome young man stepped out and walked toward our porch. He looked familiar but not familiar enough for a name to surface. “You might recognize me. It’s Beau May,” he said. Beau May. Although it had been awhile, his appearance felt like a

  • Robert Price of The Californian

    SOUND OFF: Here's why those precipitation numbers don't compute

    This feedback forum is designed to give readers a way to voice criticisms and compliments or ask questions about The Californian's news coverage. Your questions may be edited for space and clarity. Reader: I noticed an abrupt change on your daily weather page in the inches-to-date

  • The Alvarez family on a trip to Morro Bay in early February. Left to right top row, Stephanie Alvarez,  Olina, 18, Elijah, 17. Bottom row David (in Stephanie's lap) 18 months, Christopher, 7 and Ciena 5.

    LOIS HENRY: Good news for Kern animals and a legendary lawman

    I have a few updates for you. ••• First, mark your calendars for Friday at 10:30 a.m. if you’d like to attend the dedication of a gravestone for a long forgotten, larger-than-life Kern County lawman at Union Cemetery. Harry W. Bludworth was a Sheriff’s deputy here from about 1875 to 1882. Even

  • Lam's Chinese Restaurant on University Avenue serves dry style beef chow fun, a specialty.

    PETE TITTL: This northeast favorite hasn't changed a bit (what a relief!)

    When a beloved restaurant changes hands, it takes time to master the nuances that make the specialities so special. No matter how much time the departing owner takes to share the recipes and processes with the buyer, it’s hard to replicate the magic, at least to the discerning tastes of the

  • HERB BENHAM: Laying the blame on myself

    I laid an egg recently. If I wanted to do it now, I could lay an egg but I can’t and I don’t need to because one egg is enough for one person to lay in a column. “I thought you knew the difference between lay and lie,” Sue said last week, looking up from her newspaper. “Of course I know the

  • Richard Beene

    BAKERSFIELD OBSERVED: A blog about life, media, politics & people

    MISSED OPPORTUNITY Well, the city passed up a chance to have a major employer (Kern Health Systems) purchase vacant land and bring a couple hundred jobs downtown. The land, across from the Maya Cinemas, has sat vacant for years and the Kern HMO was ready to purchase it outright for new

  • Natty Vibe plays at the Taco and Tunes fest this weekend.

    CESAREO GARASA: Introducing Taco Tunesday

    We’ve already got festivals devoted to barbecue, chile verde, menudo, mac and cheese, bacon and more. But apparently there was a glaring hole in the marketplace. Welcome to the Tunes and Tacos Cook-Off on Saturday. Yes, tacos. The ultimate munchie paired with the ultimate munchie-inducing

  • HERB BENHAM: Flush with happiness in this new age of plumbing miracles

    I’ve had some plumbing issues recently. This is nothing to be ashamed about and in fact, since the issue has been resolved, I feel great excitement — as if I have been reborn. Plumbing is one of those things that people don’t like to talk about. It’s like having a family member in prison and when

  • Lois Henry

    LOIS HENRY: Another simplistic look at Kern's air by the Lung Association

    The American Lung Association is at it again, giving Kern County a big fat “F” for air quality. But wait, that’s not all. The Lung Association adds to its flim flam bad air grade by breathlessly (ha ha) exclaiming that the air in Bakersfield is “worsening” for both particulate matter and

  • Richard Beene clipping path test

    BAKERSFIELD OBSERVED: A blog about life, media, politics and people

    DARWIN AWARDS: Just how stupid were the three young men who broke into Second Amendment Sports and were arrested after being trapped inside? Never at a loss for words, another local gun shop owner, the colorful Gene Thome, described the two suspected gang members and a juvenile as being “industrial

  • Olivia Garcia

    Local event to salute small businesses

    Kern County will be celebrating the local economy and market by holding the Small Business Week luncheon May 5. Bakersfield Mayor Harvey Hall, president/CEO of Hall Ambulance, will speak at the fifth annual Kern County Small Business Luncheon from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday, May 5, at the