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Russ Allred, business consultant and author at Sunbelt Business Brokers

Getting money is fun. From the time we got an envelope with birthday money from grandma to getting our first tax return, we think getting money is fun.

Business is all about getting money. It should also be fun, but we tend to concentrate more on the struggle than the outcome. You contend that business is about work, it takes effort. Don't most fun activities -- football, golf, amusement parks, the beach -- take effort? Effort is not the issue, provided you enjoy the exertion.

This elementary examination shows just how fun business is.

1. What job allows you to make up stories and draw pictures all day? Marketing.

2. How is Accounts Receivable like celebrating a birthday every day? Most letters you open have money in them.

3. What work department bangs hammers, stacks blocks and leaves a mess for others to clean? Production.

4. What job allows you to dress up, prank the big kids and blame the unpopular ones? Sales.

5. How are meetings the same as what teenagers like to do? They "hang out all day and talk."

If you're still not convinced that business is fun, it might be your grown-up perspective. A little change in perspective might turn that frown upside down. Most people think competition is fun. Winning at business brings satisfaction of a job well done and financial rewards.

In business you don't have to be the best to be a winner. If yours is not the most profitable business, you can change the rules by considering yours a niche business. As owner you get to choose with whom you spend your days. Choose employees who contribute to your win and you will have more fun at work. You get to choose your home-field. If you don't like where you are, move. Winning businesses are led by people with positive perspectives.

Winning coaches don't just concentrate on the score. They also monitor other statistics. Start your new perspective by monitoring customer satisfaction. Your sales will multiply for every customer commendation letter you receive. Earning their friendship is often as fun as earning more money. You can also poll your employees; if they enjoy their jobs, chances are, so will you.

The majority of our waking hours are spent at work. Must we spend them scowling? Start each day with a smile, a positive perspective, and a plan to succeed and you'll learn just how fun business is.

Contributing columnist

Russ Allred

, MBA, is a business consultant and author with Sunbelt Business Brokers & Advisors; the views expressed here are his own.