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Russ Allred, business consultant and author at Sunbelt Business Brokers

Dynamo is the historic name for an electric generator. Direct current is created when wire coils are rotated within a magnet. Some individuals are labeled dynamo because they provide spark to an organization. While a dynamo is integral to the operation of many machines, it has little use on its own.

We have recently witnessed debates about the value of entrepreneurs. Some say they are nothing without the support of a team or society. Others imbue them with unique powers that generate great achievements. Some say that group decisions will always lead to greater accomplishments than those made by individuals. In practice, both sides of the argument are wrong.

After years of facilitating strategic planning sessions, a hot wire emerged. In small entrepreneurial organizations, the owner typically initiated all creative thought. The rest of the team simply agreed or remained silent. Only in larger organizations did we see participation from people other than the owner or manager.

The amount of positive contributions from non-owners depended on the degree of dynamism in the group. Dynamism or personal power is generally obtained through education and experience. Entrepreneurs usually hire people they can afford to pay rather than dynamic people who will pay them. Just as a piston engine needs a dynamo to spark combustion, dynamic people need creative spark to propel the group forward.

People say they want to work for a dynamic organization, but dynamism in a group requires consistent change and most people avoid change. An internal combustion engine works by controlling a series of explosions and channeling the force into a desired function. Entrepreneurs should aspire to dynamism by surrounding themselves with dynamic people. If they can't afford to hire them, they should at least spend time networking with other dynamos.

Personal power can also be created with a degree of magnetism or the innate ability to attract others to your way of thinking. Some people are born with magnetic personalities. Others can achieve magnetism by developing a passion.

A drive to be the best at one thing is a very compelling trait. If you would lead a dynamic organization, set a goal to be the best. Educate yourself and your staff in all aspects of your industry. Network with other dynamic people. Control the explosive nature of your growing business with systems and processes. Hold on tight; it's going to be a bumpy ride.

-- Russ Allred, MBA, is a business consultant and author with Sunbelt Business Brokers & Advisors. These are his opinions, not necessarily those of The Californian.