Bakersfield's E&B Natural Resources is taking the plunge with an application to produce offshore oil from onshore wells in Hermosa Beach, according to a Daily Breeze story posted by the San Jose Mercury News.

Lots of government approvals remain to be gotten before any drilling can begin, but E&B hopes to put in 30 oil wells, along with four injection wells. The idea is to produce up to 8,000 barrels of oil and 2.5 million cub feet of natural gas a day, the Breeze reports.

Apparently there's a long legal history here. Santa Monica's Macpherson Oil filed a lawsuit against Hermosa Beach in 1998 and ended up claiming $750 million in damages. There was a settlement, the Breeze's story says, under which E&B would get $17.5 million from the city if a related oil ballot measure gets voted down.

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