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Photo by Felix Adamo

Genie Navarro Ambriz and Fernando Ambriz with their two kids, Joel, left, and Nicholas, in front of their home in Stonecreek neighborhood in southwest Bakersfield.

Genie Navarro-Ambriz has spent her entire life in Bakersfield and plans on staying here with her husband, Fernando Ambriz, who is originally from Mexico City. Fernando -- the promotions director at 92.5 FM Radio Campesina -- has lived with his wife, who works at Mercy Housing, and their children in Bakersfield for the past 25 years. Today, they live in the Stonecreek neighborhood in southwest Bakersfield.

Ages: Genie, 38; Fernando, 43

Three words that describe Bakersfield: Genie: hot, fun and busy; Fernando: extreme (weather), nice (people), and future (where my future lies).

Where you can find me eating lunch or dinner: Genie: some of my favorite places to have lunch are Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine, Cafe Med Deli or Carniceria Rancho Grande; Fernando: Some of my favorite places to have lunch are Carniceria Rancho Grande and at Buffalo Wild Wings or Just Wing It for dinner.

How I relax in Bakersfield: Genie: I go to the gym or spend time at home with family and friends; Fernando: Listening to music, and playing soccer with my boys.

My favorite Saturday activity: Genie: Depending on the time of the year, our family enjoys going to a Bakersfield Condors game or a Bakersfield Blaze game, or just spending time at home with family and friends; Fernando: Watching soccer games.

When I want to get out of town, I go to: Genie: For a quick getaway, we enjoy going to Paso Robles for a day of wine-tasting or for a longer trip Las Vegas; Fernando: I really like going to Cambria.

What surprises me most about Bakersfield compared to other places I have lived: Genie: What surprises me about Bakersfield is to hear so many people say that they can't wait to leave or move out of Bakersfield; Fernando: The extreme weather temperatures that we experience in both summer and winter.

What I think Bakersfield is most famous for: Genie: Its agricultural community, and its heat.

My best memory of Bakersfield: Genie: My best memories are the schools I attended: Saint Francis, Bakersfield High and Cal State Bakersfield; Fernando: The birth of my children.

What I enjoy most about living here: Genie: I am a foodie and what I love about Bakersfield is the variety of places to eat; Fernando: That all my family is here with me.

Two words that describe my neighborhood: Genie: Very quiet and spacious; Fernando: Tranquil and pretty.

The positive list I think Bakersfield would rank near the top on is: Genie: The number of organizations and events created for the sole purpose of helping those in need or facing some type of a challenge. Bakersfield is a very generous community; Fernando: Hard-working people.

My favorite community event: Genie: The Village Fest at Kern County Museum, and HolidayLights at CALM; Fernando: The Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce menudo cook-off.

The best-kept secret in Bakersfield: Genie: Nothing stays a secret in Bakersfield.

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