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Henry A. Barrios

Carrie Williams, vice president of McMillin Homes.

Thank goodness for technological advances! Like many other professions, the invention of cellphones has made Carrie Williams' job much easier.

Williams, vice president of McMillin Homes, has had a longtime 22-year career in new home sales and three years in real estate lending. Because she travels quite often, Williams relies on her iPhone to stay connected while on the road.

"(With) Bluetooth, I am able to stay on top of communications for work and my personal life," Williams said. "Quick answers are provided to staff, associates and family that would otherwise be delayed. My cellphone frees me up to be more efficient -- I accomplish more in a day."

And with Facebook, she has the opportunity to keep McMillin's homebuyers and potential homebuyers apprised of current new home activity including home decor, trends, the latest new home phase releases, construction as well as architectural and green features. She also runs fun promotions with trivia, which adds a great interaction with clients while extending her reach.

I love the quick and easy access I have for homes for sale. Most homes show multiple photos as well as pricing and open-house info. I can search and find sold homes automatically with map zoom and what they sold for.

12c Financial Calculator

What I like about this app is that it's just a calculator. There are no house searches or maps, just calculations and loan qualification calculations, and calculations to how much you can afford. I can also email the results to my agents or clients. This app calculates agent commissions -- very helpful.

Google Maps

Since I travel a lot, I use this as a navigation tool to locate property. It's very helpful to be able to look around the neighborhood using the street view mode. Best of all, I can find this out before I drive there. I can also locate restaurants when I'm in an unfamiliar area meeting clients or associates.

Trulia Real Estate

An ongoing part of my job is to research new areas for land development. I use this app to study market trends in a particular area and details on home sales. It's helpful to see interior and exterior photos, room/bath count and what a home last sold for and the current listing price. There is also community information on schools and general amenities I use in my reports.


This app enables me to stay in touch with my kids. We take pictures and share them instantly with each other. I can apply creative digital filters too, and then share on Facebook.


I have a good friend who lives in Europe, and we miss the ability to text because I have an iPhone and she has an Android. We recently discovered this cross-platform mobile messaging app that allows us to text. It's so much easier now to stay in touch throughout the day rather than once a week.


This calculates my caloric need based on my height, weight, gender, activity level and weight-loss goals. As I keep track of what I am eating, this app helps me to look at food and how it affects my system. It's so much easier to eat healthy and drop weight!

CNBC Real-Time

This is one of my favorite apps. It helps me to stay on top of the stock market. I receive real-time quotes before, during and after market hours direct from the NYSE and NASDAQ.