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Courtesy of Ric Drasin

Ric Drasin, of Bakersfield, is a former pro wrestler and body builder, and now acts and hosts wrestling shows.

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Courtesy of Ric Drasin

Model, actress and host Brenda Epperson, left, plays with Ric Drasin, former pro wrestler and body builder, and now actor and host from Bakersfield.

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Courtesy of Ric Drasin

Ric Drasin right, readies for his pro wrestling aftershow with son Shane, who composes and produces music. Drasin a former pro wrestler and body builder, and now acts and hosts wrestling shows.

A native of Bakersfield, Ric Drasin has been rising to fame through his acting credits, wrestling appearances and his passion for fitness and bodybuilding. A graduate from Bakersfield High School, Drasin has made a name for himself through his determination to succeed and his drive to be the best at whatever he does. Ric Drasin has had one thing on his mind -- success.

"You don't know where your life's gonna lead," Drasin, 68, told Bakersfield Life in a phone interview. "Success comes in 'cans,' negativity comes in 'can'ts.'"

Drasin always had a dream of being somebody and leaving a legacy in the world, and ever since he was a young child, he has been determined to find his place.

Drasin started by working outat the YMCA locally, teaching an instructional class once a week, helping people with nutrition and personal fitness. He also worked at Kellogg's Cereal as a salesman for a year to be able to move to Los Angeles.

Drasin worked hard and eventually made enough money to move to Venice Beach in 1970, where he met his friend and training partner, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Training at Gold's Gym in Venice Beach was an everyday event for Drasin and Schwarzenegger.

You might have seen the famous Gold's Gym T-shirt logo of a chiseled bodybuilder figure holding the bending weights. Drasin was the guy who originally designed that logo on a napkin in Venice Beach, and owns the rights to it. Drasin also got the opportunity to design the famous weight-lifting gorilla on the World Gym logo.

At this point, Drasin's career was rising fast. He became a professional wrestler in 1965 as Ric Drasin, but changed it in 1983, going by the name of "The Equalizer."

He gained recognition through Muscle and other fitness magazines as a model and writing articles on training and nutrition for magazine publisher Joe Weider. He eventually drew the attention of Lou Ferrigno, best known as The Incredible Hulk actor. Ferrigno saw potential in Drasin and introduced him to the producer, which is how he landed a role as "Demi Hulk" in the Ferrigno's television series.

Drasin's other acting credits include a spot on the television series "Charlie's Angels," on more than 65 national television commercials and print ads, as well as films and a reoccurring role on "The Shield" television series, in the role of "Pipe."

Today Ric is busier than ever. He makes the best of his time by hosting a weekly "aftershow" for fans of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.'s SmackDown on AfterBuzz TV, which was created by television host Maria Menounos. Drasin also shoots videos for his video blog, "Ric's Corner," which gives information on wrestling, old school bodybuilding techniques, diet and nutrition. Ric's Corner -- which he shoots and edits himself -- has 4.6 million views and is growing.

He's hosted the show Actor's Entertainment and is scheduled to host six more episodes in the coming months.

Among Drasin's most recent accomplishment was receiving the first ever Joe Gold Lifetime Achievement Award -- for his years of contributions to fitness and bodybuilding -- at the World Gym Convention in September in Las Vegas.

"I didn't do any of this for money or fame," Drasin said. "I did it for the passion and personal satisfaction."

For more information on Ric, go to ricscorner.com or ricdrasin.com, or you can email him at ric@ricdrasin.com.