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Casey Hardy

Jessica Frey with her husband, Eric Frey.

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Stephanie Saul

Jessica Frey with Kayla, her West Highland Terrier

Jessica Frey is a full-time professional wedding photographer who specializes in filming couples who love timeless romance. She started her own business nearly five years ago, when she decided to combine her passion of photography, love stories and blinged-out shoes. And many of her photos have graced Bakersfield Life Magazine's covers.

Jessica, 30, has been married to her husband, U.S. Marine Corps Capt. Eric Frey, for 8 1/2 years now, and they have an 8-year-old fur-baby named, Kayla.

1 My favorite color is glitter.

I met my amazing husband at the U.S. Naval Academy ball while wearing a glittery gown and a tiara. It was love at first sight, and he proposed a year later in front of Cinderella's castle in Florida. He's truly my prince charming!

3 My dream wedding to photograph would be in a castle in Ireland.

4 I will travel anywhere to photograph a love story -- my passport is ready!

5 In 10 years, I've lived in nine different cities with Bakersfield being the longest at 4 1/2 years.

6 I'm a native Texan from Austin, have a business degree from Texas A&M University and miss Blue Bell Ice Cream and real Tex-Mex.

7 I am a proud Marine Corps wife. The past nine years have been an adventure -- I wouldn't trade it for the world.

8 I'm in love with fairy tales, but I am also a huge tomboy. I've played sports my entire life, mostly basketball and track.

9 I'm a blogger! I blog every Monday, Wednesday and Freyday! (My last name is pronounced Fry , not Fray .)

10 When I don't have a wedding to shoot on a Saturday in the fall, I'm glued to my TV to watch my beloved Texas Aggies football team or the U.S. Navy football team since my husband played for them.

11 I love to travel! I've been to the pyramids of Egypt, floated in the Dead Sea, walked Jerusalem, stood on the Acropolis in Athens and stood in Red Square in Moscow, but have never been to Oregon. Go figure.

12 I studied Russian for eight years and was an exchange student for a month in Russia when I was 14.

13 I love skiing and have been skiing for 25 years.

14 I'm pretty much a wedding expert. I've photographed 60 weddings and have been a maid of honor three times and a bridesmaid five times.

15 I'm always dancing if I hear music. I love to country two-step, jitterbug and waltz, but my favorite is Irish step dancing.

16 My fur-baby is Kayla, a West Highland Terrier. There are four Westies in my family, and all have names starting with a K.

17 I did my college internship at Walt Disney World working in Toon Town while earning my "Ducktorate" at Disney University. True story.

18 Two of my favorite non-wedding related photos are one of a lightning bolt strike at Mount Rushmore and one of a humpback whale breaching near our boat in Alaska.

19 My greatest sports moment was standing between David Robinson and Tim Duncan on the basketball court for the national anthem. Go Spurs!

20 I've styled and hosted two wedding workshops this year for photographers and will host another one this spring.

21 When I was 10 years old, I broke my arm in a pillow fight, and a week later, I broke my thumb when a basketball rebounded into my hand.

22 It's not in my contract for brides to wear sparkly shoes at their wedding, but 99 percent of mine do!

23 I'm so proud of my 17 Bakersfield Life covers and being interviewed in Professional Photographer Magazine.

24 My mom is my hero and has set an amazing example for me of what an intelligent, athletic woman looks like.

25 My relationship with God, family and friends is most important to me.