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Kern County adventures

Lupine and California poppies are in full bloom in the fields off of Highway 223 near Arvin.

They’re the hidden gems of Kern County. Skip the long hours traveling on the road and be a tourist in these quaint local towns.


In 1907, people began buying property in the area that is now known as Arvin. It was named after Arvin Richardson, a merchant. In 1960, Arvin was incorporated into its city. Today, Arvin still holds onto its small-town atmosphere with about 20,000 residents calling the city their home. Crops such as grapes, cotton, potatoes, oranges and others complement the city’s agricultural character.

Marco’s Mexican

A combine unloads harvested wheat into a bankout wagon in Shafter.

Tools of the trade

As the 90-degree weather crept over Shafter before 10 a.m. on a recent summer day, Eli Espericueta wiped sweat off his forehead as he looked out into 160 acres of wheat. The smell of fresh-cut wheat drifted through the air as the combine transferred wheat to the bankout wagon. For any city person,

From left: LaMeka Ross, Amber Chiang, owner Jae Shin, Dianne Hoover and Jessica Matthews at La Forêt.

Dining Divas: La Foret Fine Dining & Lounge

If you fancy a bit of Bakersfield fling with some fine dining food, look no further than the new La Forêt Fine Dining & Lounge at Sundale Country Club. Jae Shin, the owner, changed the name of the old Tavern by the Green and gave the space a whole new look and a fresh start. Shin is known

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