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  • Lois Henry

    LOIS HENRY: No end to Kern High district hijinks

    OK, wait a minute. The Kern High School District Police Department discovered that administrators — repeat, administrators — apparently illegally accessed information from a law enforcement database to run checks on students and employees and Superintendent Bryon Schaefer — a longtime

  • Lois Henry

    LOIS HENRY: Kern High School District has some explaining to do

    Someone at the Kern High School District had better lose their job. And it better not be KHSD Police Chief Joe Lopeteguy. If you somehow missed KBAK reporter Jose Gaspar’s incredible story, here’s a recap. Lopeteguy blew the whistle on what appears to be a long-standing practice of KHSD

  • The federal water system, known as the Central Valley Project (CVP) moves water from Shasta and Folsom lakes through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to San Luis Reservoir where south-of-delta towns and farms get their water.

    LOIS HENRY: The backstory of a water scare you never knew about

    Millions of Californians nearly had their water shut off late last month because the federal government ran out of water — sort of. Yes, you read that right. The federal Bureau of Reclamation ran out of water in the San Luis Reservoir and sent shutoff alerts (giving three days notice) to 26

  • Lois Henry

    LOIS HENRY: CPS secrecy amended out of bills

    It looks like legislation that would have shrouded how child protective agencies handle abuse and neglect cases where children nearly die has been amended to keep the public in the loop. Two bills, Assembly Bill 855 and Senate Bill 1625, would have made the release of documents in near-death cases

  • Lois Henry

    LOIS HENRY: Government secrecy only helps the government

    By now, I shouldn’t be amazed (disgusted) at the lengths to which some government agencies will go to keep the public’s business out of the public’s eye. But the California Department of Social Services stands out for its relentless efforts to shield itself and its social workers from public

  • Lois Henry

    LOIS HENRY: KHSD's quest for PR is just lipstick on a pig

    Really, Chad? “Our PR sucks.” That was Kern High School District Trustee Chad Vegas’ summation after an open battle Monday night with fellow Trustee Jeff Flores over whether to approve a nearly $380,000 contract with Providence Strategic Consulting to, essentially, soft focus the district’s image.

  • Kern County Fire Engine No. 21, out of Taft, was severely burned during the Sobranes Fire July 30. Officials said it appeared something still smoldering under the dirt caught the back tires on fire.

    Kern loses fire engine to Soberanes Fire

    Kern County fire engine No. 21 burned up in the Soberanes Fire in Northern California recently, according to Fire Chief Brian Marshall. “It’s unfortunate, but it does happen,” he said of the incident, which occurred July 30 about 3:45 p.m. “The good thing is no one was hurt.” The cause isn’t

  • Kimberly Wilson, DVM, the new veterinarian at the Bakersfield Animal Care Center, performs a spay surgery on a cat.

    Donation helps out city animal care center

    The Bakersfield Animal Care Center got a big step closer to its goal of adding a second surgery ensemble to its medical center thanks to the generous donation of a surgery table by Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital. “As soon as I read the article (in The Bakersfield Californian) about their new vet

  • This little Chihuahua was found crammed in a birdcage with another dog and two cats by a landlord checking on a vacant apartment. He's available for adoption at the Bakersfield Animal Care Center.

    Dogs in a birdcage, really?

    You hear a lot of things when you talk to people who manage animal shelters. Not always nice things. Such as, how an “alleged” human recently moved out of their apartment and left 11 animals crammed into three birdcages. In one were two Chihuahuas and two cats, one with a broken rear leg. The

  • Lois Henry

    LOIS HENRY: Taxpayer funded water deal that makes me go: Hmmm

    The Nickel water came to my attention again recently. Tejon Ranchcorp released its draft environmental impact report for its proposed Grapevine community of 12,000 new houses at the base of the Grapevine. If the development is approved, it will be Nickel water flowing through the taps and toilets

  • A sign remains unscorched where the the South Lake Museum once stood.

    South Lake loses another structure to flames

    The South Lake community, recently devastated by the Erskine Fire, lost another structure to fire Wednesday night. The so-called South Lake Museum, on Highway 178 and Larsen Road, caught fire about 9:45 p.m. The structure and about six acres of adjacent grassland burned, according to the Kern

  • FEMA is out but some Erskine Fire victims could still get housing

    Erskine Fire victims won’t receive full FEMA aid. That ship has sailed. The Federal Emergency Management Agency denied the state’s request for a federal disaster declaration last week. And the state said Thursday it will not appeal that denial. But some of those displaced by the deadly fire may

  • Lois Henry

    LOIS HENRY: FEMA needs to help Erskine Fire victims

    There’s so much wrong with FEMA’s recent denial of aid to Erskine Fire survivors, it’s almost painful. It’s hard to pin down exactly why the Federal Emergency Management Agency skunked California’s plea for help, but I think it comes down to insurance. While most of the folks who lost homes in

  • Lois Henry

    LOIS HENRY: The wacky world of water

    You’ve got to be kidding. That was my reaction to a couple of recent stories that touched on water. TRUCKIN’ The first was that the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is considering allowing development of more than 42,000 parcels in its rural northeast corner based on water being hauled in.

  • Lois Henry

    LOIS HENRY: The groundwater games continue

    Don’t expect the same level of drama at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting over groundwater.  This will be a pale version of last month’s torrid groundwater meeting.  But that doesn’t mean bad feelings aren’t festering. The county kicked off this “game of GSAs” (cue “Game of

  • This graph shows how PM2.5, tiny bits of dust and soot that the EPA says is very hazardous to human health, shoots up during July 4.

    LOIS HENRY: Still looking for ways to beat illegal fireworks

    The stats from this past Fourth of July were mixed. The city wrote about 50 percent more citations for illegal fireworks under its newly created administrative citation. That’s great. But the county wrote only about half as many as its enforcement teams took a hit when the Sheriff’s Office bowed

  • CHP Officer Kelley Walker wrestles with 72 year-old Joe Palme after Palme refused to stop at a checkpoint while returning to his Squirrel Valley property following the Erskine Fire. After running the checkpoint on Highway 178 in Lake Isabella, Palme refused to pull over despite Walker giving chase in his patrol vehicle with lights and sirens on.  Once at Palme's property on Sagebrush Road, Palme and Walker got into an altercation with Walker wrestling Palme to the ground and holding him until backup from the Kern County Sheriff's Office arrived. Palme is waiting to see whether he will be criminally charged.

    LOIS HENRY: Charges against 72-year-old who fought CHP would be overkill

    For all those who’ve been wondering what happened to Joe Palme, he’s not in jail. Whether he’s eventually charged with failure to yield to an officer and resisting arrest remains to be seen. But for now, the 72-year-old Air Force veteran is home. Well, actually, he’s at his sister-in-law’s home