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  • BY STEVEN MAYER smayer@bakersfield.com

A coalition of concerned citizens, environmental groups and health and safety advocates were claiming victory Tuesday after the California Court of Appeal in Fresno found two errors made by the County of Kern in certifying an environmental impact report that would have allowed the Alon Refin…

  • BY HAROLD PIERCE The Center for Health Journalism Collaborative

Six construction outfits working on a solar project in Monterey County were fined more than $240,000 this week for failing to protect their workers from valley fever, an insidious respiratory disease caused by a fungus that grows in the soil throughout the Southwestern United States.

  • The Bakersfield Californian

The Kern County Auto Theft Task Force is providing tips in an effort to help reduce the risk of vehicles being stolen during the holiday season — which police said is a time notable for its number of vehicle thefts.

  • By Cherylanne Farley

His first words were, “Don’t breathe on that, it's expensive.” His metal folding chair squeaked as he turned to face me to add, “doll face.” My husband loomed large behind me and, creepy nerd boy that he was, lost his smile and turned back to his “World of Warcraft” game.

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I remember our Thanksgiving in 2014. For some reason I decided to grab two blank pieces of paper and draw a big turkey on one. We all colored it, and we took the other paper and wrote down what we were each thankful for. My grown children and my husband and I used it as a decoration for our …

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Would like to compliment Dr. Brik McDill on his column in Tuesday's Californian ("We deserve some answers from McCarthy". But, how does one even reach Congressman Kevin McCarthy in order to pose any questions. Like, why he seems to vote against Democrats and not for the people that elected h…

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