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Summertime and the dining is easy. At least when it comes to the Bakersfield scene. There are new menu items, activities and even a new eatery all here for your dining pleasure.

This week's failure by Congress to pass either of two immigration reform bills has prompted California's leading agricultural trade group to reiterate, in polite terms, its longstanding demands for a solution to the state's chronic shortage of farmworkers.

A 26-year veteran of the Bakersfield Fire Department has been chosen to take over as the city's fire chief.

(All league teams are voted on by coaches in each league and are not the same as the BVarsity All-Area teams that will be unveiled this week. For errors and omissions, email sports_staff@bakersfield.com) 

South Kern residents along with other community members from around the county will hold an informational meeting tonight with community members, organizations, and Kern County agencies on how they can advocate for pesticide safety near their schools and homes.

Far past the days of cheese, pepperoni or combo, pizza toppings have sparked some arguments on the internet. Pineapple enjoys a sweet victory as possibly the most-divisive topping in the debate. In honor of National Pineapple Day on Wednesday, let's delve into the discussion.

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Let's traipse down memory lane, shall we, and hearken back to 1972. It was after the Democratic convention, and presidential nominee George McGovern had chosen Missouri Sen. Thomas Eagleton as his vice president on the ticket. Then it hit the fan. News reports spread like wildfire: Eagleton'…