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  • By Gary Girard

The following Delano Ramblings is quite long. You could CUT IT OFF after the Jennifer Crockett McDonagh item and save the rest for the future. Also, if necessary, you can SAVE the second column item on Claribel Gutierrez that begins with the 8th paragraph. I am adding at the bottom a brief o…

  • BY KASEY MEREDITH kmeredith@bakersfield.com

Brides-to-be, future bridesmaids and soon-to-be grooms perused the Kevin Rush Entertainment Bridal Show Expo on Sunday at the Rabobank Convention Center in search of elements and trends that will make their wedding stand out from the average Pinterest board wedding.

Readers submitted their photos of beautiful sunsets and sunrises, and TBC wanted to share them with you. Send your images to photos@bakersfield.com with a detailed caption. They will appear in a photo gallery online, and we will do our best to publish them in print. See more photos at Bakers…


The Bakersfield Condors fell behind 2-0 four minutes into the game and 3-0 after the first period.

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Is anyone else extremely concerned that the president of the United States did not react to the missile alarm in Hawaii? He should have been on Twitter in a second. He should have been the first political leader to call it a false alarm. He should have been the first to soothe a panicked pop…

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This letter is about all the letter writers to The Californian praising President Trump. I guess they have been listening to liars like Sean Hannity of Fox News for so long that they cannot tell the difference between truth and lies. All the people that were ripped off at Trump's fake univer…

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