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  1. The Bakersfield Californian

    Most-read story on this morning: Guy Fieri's eatery is coming to Bakersfield.

  2. The Bakersfield Californian

    Your five-day forecast for the Bakersfield area on this Thursday morning:

  3. Former Condors coach Mann gains U.S. citizenship
  4. First Look with Scott Cox

    Here was the motion video loop we played a week ago last Monday.

  5. Dianne Hardisty

    More turmoil for House GOP lawsuit against Obama via @POLITICO

  6. 'First Look': First News for Oct. 30
  7. First Look with Scott Cox

    The final costume pic of the hosts... Tomorrow is Halloween!

  8. Dianne Hardisty

    Bakersfield Californian: Assessor race: Voters, just take your pick

  9. Mark Powell

    RT @DodgerzGM: Still can't believe the Giants were able to win it all without Melky Cabrera.

  10. Zach Ewing

    RT @picturelg: A moment tonight that no one else but me and the World Series managers witnessed.

  11. Mark Powell

    “@ErinAndrews: Wow!! I'll say it” You did!

  12. Mark Powell

    Do not go see what @byrnes22 just tweeted.

  13. Zach Ewing

    Zach Ewing's Week 9 previews and predictions (aka Get out of my head, @thorn)

  14. Zach Ewing's Week 9 previews and predictions
  15. BVarsityLive

    Oct. 30 high school roundup (Sent from TBC Mobile)



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