DA files charges against 2 deputies

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  1. tbcbreakingnews

    DA files charges against 2 deputies -

  2. DA files charges against 2 deputies
  3. Zach Ewing

    New BVarsity section rankings coming tonight. Spoiler: I change a lot less than you'd expect after last week.

  4. Bakersfield Opinion

    LETTER: Prop. 48: Look long and hard, then reject

  5. Mark Powell

    Editorial on North Korea just came in. It's 666 words. 8-/

  6. The Bakersfield Californian

    The judge today denied photography and video in the trial of Bryan Oliver. What do you think of that? (Before you ask, the photo below was taken a year ago.)

  7. Death of baby caused by sudden unexplained infant death
  8. The Bakersfield Californian

    PUPPY-SIZED SPIDER SHOCKS SCIENTIST: "The South American Goliath birdeater is the world’s largest spider, with a leg span of up to 30 centimetres (or the size of “a child’s forearm”) and weighing more than 170 grams." What's the biggest spider you've ever seen?

  9. Bakersfield Opinion

    OUR VIEW: Kamala Harris: Only practical choice for AG

  10. Multiple people arrested for identity theft
  11. 'First Look': Ward 7 candidate Chris Parlier advocates neighborhood unity
  12. 'First Look': Ward 7 candidate Harmeet Dhindsa talks about neighborhood watch
  13. Zach Ewing

    @CowardMichael @beepreps @PAGMETER my rankings are out later today. I'll have either Edison or Bakersfield No. 1.

  14. 'First Look': Ward 7 candidate Matthew Braman discusses plan
  15. Theo Douglas

    RT @CALnewswire: Shark bites woman's canoe near Santa Barbara; she paddles to safety

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