Today's Highlights

  • Roads

    City Council to consider $91.5 million Beltway improvement project.
  • Lois Henry

    Did a San Luis Obispo political candidate take a cheap shot at Bakersfield?
  • Taft High shooting

    Judge rules that violent story penned by defendant is admissible as evidence.
  • Ebola

    No sign of virus in Kern, but public health officials preach preparedness.
  • High school volleyball

    Frontier finally earns road win at Centennial, stays tied for first

News Waterfall

  1. Zach Ewing

    Predictions are coming late, but they are coming tonight.

  2. BVarsityLive

    We will be back with three games this week and a new sponsor - Nissan of Bakersfield. We are fired up

  3. The Bakersfield Californian

    You never know when another bear will pop up in residential areas. Reporter Ruth Brown writes about how to avoid bears — seriously.

  4. Mark Powell

    MARK POWELL: Greenacres Market: And like that, it's gone

  5. Zach Ewing

    @LinaWashington I'll give you everyone but the jayhawkers... still, postseason anything >>> preseason anything

  6. Zach Ewing

    @LinaWashington get outta here with yo preseason

  7. Zach Ewing

    RT @JPosnanski: Hunter Strickland vying for that rare "Most despised player in both World Series cities" title.

  8. Zach Ewing

    RT @CoreyCostelloe: @zewing awful. Like a pouty little girl. He gave up a bomb, man up and own it.

  9. Zach Ewing

    RT @TrnGangDatabase: @zewing sour grapes...

  10. The Bakersfield Cali

    GE shutting down Tehachapi wind manufacturing operations, impacting 37 jobs; 14 other jobs will remain:

  11. Zach Ewing

    So, Hunter Strickland. Discuss.

  12. MARK POWELL: Greenacres Market: And like that, it's gone
  13. Zach Ewing

    RT @jaysonst: Eight fastballs for Herrera in that inning. Your MPH readings: 101, 100, 101, 101, 101, 100, 101, 100. Call the cops. #worlds

  14. Zach Ewing

    @DanielEvans24 What do starter pitch counts have to do with the bullpens? They're going to pull Peavy at first sign of trouble at this point

  15. Zach Ewing

    Kelvin Herrera chucking flames.

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