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Readers submitted their photos from trips around the world, and TBC wanted to share them with you. TBC wants to see photos of your holiday preparations celebrations. Send your images to photos@bakersfield.com with a caption. They will appear in a photo gallery online, and we will do our best…

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If you’re past 40 — and I’ll tell you what it’s like when I get there — it’s hard not to enjoy the Tom Brady story. Not the Tom Brady personal story, whatever that might be and we could find ourselves on uncertain ground when we blend the professional and the personal, but the story surround…


Stockdale High School claimed victory in a close showdown round to win the 2018 Kern County Mock Trial Super Saturday held Saturday at Kern County Superior Court.

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Is anyone else extremely concerned that the president of the United States did not react to the missile alarm in Hawaii? He should have been on Twitter in a second. He should have been the first political leader to call it a false alarm. He should have been the first to soothe a panicked pop…

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