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  • By JOHN COX jcox@bakersfield.com

Farmers receiving allocations from the State Water Project can expect a bigger allotment this year than they anticipated as recently as last month, thanks to late-season precipitation.

  • By DAKOTA ALLEN and CARA JACKSON dallen@bakersfield.com; cjackson@tehachapinews.com

Three-time Tehachapi Mayor Edward Clem Grimes, a champion of his beloved city who was known as “the Voice of the Warriors,” died Monday. He was 75.

  • BY HERB BENHAM hbenham@bakersfield.com

I opened the paper Sunday to a picture of Harvey Hall under which was the date of his birth and death. Although Harvey hadn’t looked well the last few times I’d seen him, that brief period of frailty will not be my lasting memory but rather his robustness accentuated by ramrod-straight postu…

  • By KASEY MEREDITH kmeredith@bakersfield.com

It's been 77 years since the birth of the Kern County Museum and history was alive and kicking at this Sunday's birthday celebration. To mark the occasion, the museum turned on its living history charm and offered interactive learning stations and crafts for kids and adults to experience wha…

  • By JOHN COX jcox@bakersfield.com

Diego Ramos's parents haven't started pestering him, yet, but as a graduating high school senior he'd like to pick up a little spending money. So, he's considering applying for a summer job.


The Kern County Sheriff's Office Gang Unit arrested a man on charges of selling narcotics and multiple weapons charges in east Bakersfield on Saturday, the KCSO said in a news release.

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Usually, the only place to hear cultured British accents is anytime on PBS, but on the eve of the royal wedding, British experts were flooding the other domestic networks, making the U.S. news personalities sound like American riffraff (pardon the redundancy).