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  1. Zach Ewing

    RT @stockdalehigh: Congrats Alex Collatz ('11) for her 2nd place in discus in NACAC championships (31 countries competed)!…

  2. Zach Ewing

    @jcsopes look at the numbers SEC network is going to bring in. ND has a very nice contract but it's not a game-changer anymore.

  3. BVarsityLive

    RT @centralvalleyfb: 2014 Season Preview: KINGSBURG

  4. BVarsityLive

    RT @stockdalehigh: Congrats Alex Collatz ('11) for her 2nd place in discus in NACAC championships (31 countries competed)!…

  5. BVarsityLive

    RT @centralvalleyfb: 2014 Season Preview: DINUBA

  6. The Bakersfield Californian

    Need something to do tonight? Want to support Ronald McDonald House? Check out Bakersfield Speedway

  7. Zach Ewing

    @jcsopes Johnny, it's 2014. Every school is on national TV every game. Every school has a big endorsement deal. Those things don't separate.

  8. Zach Ewing

    @jcsopes Notre Dame has a legacy. I'd question whether they have much relevancy anymore. Some, but not much.

  9. Zach Ewing

    @jcsopes when I talk about Mizzou baseball, I don't mention the '54 national title. It's totally irrelevant.

  10. Zach Ewing

    @jcsopes Mizzou isn't the one bragging on ancient national titles...

  11. Zach Ewing

    @jcsopes funny, nothing about Notre Dame in there...

  12. BVarsity Live

    Trending this morning: Scrimmages show some pop, flash

  13. Theo Douglas

    RT @KernCntyLibrary: #Quilt & Chat 10AM #Learn techniques, share ideas, & group projects FrazierParkBranch

  14. BVarsity Live

    The Drillers are ranked 14th in the western US by Max Preps

  15. Theo Douglas

    RT @nytimes: "The Simpsons": These are the episodes you must watch:

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