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  • BY JON METTUS jmettus@bakersfield.com

Cal State Bakersfield head coach Rod Barnes referred to No. 3 Arizona as Goliath before his team left Bakersfield for the impending matchup. But the Roadrunners couldn’t successfully play the role of David and pull off the upset of biblical proportions.

  • By KEN BARNES For The Californian

A few days before opening day of the waterfowl season a few weeks ago, my son Steve and I drove up to my hunt area to start water into the duck club I share with hunting partner Joe Covello.


The 61st annual Kern County Sportsman’s Night Dinner has moved from the Kern County Fairgrounds and will be held in the Hodel’s banquet room on Tuesday night.

  • BY HAROLD PIERCE hpierce@bakersfield.com

In Debbie Nolasco’s preschool class at St. Francis Parish School, the 3-year olds who have spent all week crafting construction paper feathers for headdresses and pint-sized mock-leather vests don’t go by their regular names.

  • BY NICK STROBEL For The Californian

The closest star to our solar system, a small red-dwarf star called Proxima Centauri, might have another planet besides the one discovered in August 2016. The first planet found orbiting Proxima Centauri resides in Proxima’s habitable zone and is slightly bigger than Earth. The latest findin…

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Religious/political fundamentalism can frequently be considered an addiction that may result in adopting some rather extreme and distorted views of reality. Consider the following head spinners: Franklin Graham, an evangelical Christian supporter of Trump, compared him to Abraham, Moses and …

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