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In commenting on our Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Rev. Wesley Crawford Sr. meant well when he said, "In Bakersfield, it's kind of hard. We don't have one elected official that's African American. We don't have one school named after one of the greatest men in history.

  • By Rich Lowry

It hasn't been easy recently to make an attack against President Donald Trump that is over-the-top enough to stand out from the run-of-the-mill hysteria, but outgoing Republican Sen. Jeff Flake managed it.

  • By Jack Hernandez

Language is an amazing tool. With it we can describe our inner and outer lives, light and darkness, wind and rain, roads and cars, smiles and frowns. And other people: those we know, those who are strangers, those who are different.

Readers submitted their photos of beautiful sunsets and sunrises, and TBC wanted to share them with you. Send your images to photos@bakersfield.com with a detailed caption. They will appear in a photo gallery online, and we will do our best to publish them in print. See more photos at Bakers…


The Bakersfield Condors fell behind 2-0 four minutes into the game and 3-0 after the first period.


Bakersfield College opened up an early 23-5 lead and held on the beat Santa Monica 72-62 on Saturday in Santa Monica.

One year ago, Barack Obama’s presidency came to an end. His election as the nation’s first black president was a major accomplishment for him and for the nation. Time will never erase that achievement.

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