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Bakersfield firefighters worked to control a blaze on Mt Vernon Avenue Sunday evening that consumed a commercial office building and did more than $700,000 in damage, fire officials reported

  • By Jose Gaspar

If there's one thing Marcos Vargas could not bear to see, it was injustice. As an elementary-school child in Mexico, it bothered him to witness a teacher using corporal punishment on a student. As a child he knew he wanted to be a lawyer and stand up for the vulnerable.

  • BY JOSEPH LUIZ jluiz@bakersfield.com

When a white pickup truck parked near a residence on Woodrow Avenue in Oildale on Saturday, several kids came running outside in excitement and anticipation. It was as if Christmas had come early, and in a way, it had.

  • By Anna Smith

Shannon LaBare left her corporate job of seven years, and work that spanned the country, to focus on her community. She should have left earlier, she said, but, as a graphic designer and marketing professional, she believed the lie that her talents wouldn’t be needed here because “there aren…

Readers submitted their photos from around Kern County, and TBC wanted to share them with you. TBC wants to see photos of your holiday preparations celebrations. Send your images to photos@bakersfield.com with a caption. They will appear in a photo gallery online, and we will do our best to …

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Say you are a gay couple and are wonderfully excited because the two of you bought a bakery and are making good money at something you enjoy. One day, however, this guy comes in and wants a cake for a rally against gay marriages. He asks for a design celebrating this event, and you say no si…

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