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Sometimes you connect with the world created by a fictional work, relating to the characters or their story in a way that makes you want to linger there. And while we might not want to perform a number in the rain (especially after gentlemanly relinquishing our umbrella to a passerby), there…

If you checked your patriotic spirit after your last errant firework scared dogs through the neighborhood, it's time for a new proposal. Rather than "piddle, twiddle, and resolve," solve the problem of what to do this weekend by heading to Ovation to catch "1776" before its run ends.

He ran a Harley-Davidson motorcycle shop in Bakersfield for four decades, but over the years it also became a gathering place where motorcyclists met for coffee, to talk shop, seek advice and share their love of bikes and the feeling and freedom of seeing the country on two wheels.

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Some members of the Republican Party are guilty of elder abuse. You only have to watch congressional hearings to see this play out. They are subjecting President Trump to political abuse to further their own far right wing political goals. The abuse comes in the form of political flattery, s…