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On today's edition of TBC's 5@4, a lawsuit has been filed against Valley Convalescent Hospital, a Bakersfield native is recognized for her efforts in World War II and a group of auto racers with a retro feel are in action Friday night.

  • BY PETE TITTL For The Californian

I think we are pretty much at a new height of excellence as far as Indian food goes in Bakersfield. There was a time when we had two options at best, and a few years ago Zaika opened on Ming Avenue and shook things up. Then the kitchen genius from Taj Mahal moved into an old buffet restauran…

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It must be fantasy finance month. On July 4, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie created $13.5 billion out of thin air and credited it to the state's troubled employee pension funds, making them look far less bad.

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Putting aside for a moment the state of ruin in the Trump White House, I'm seeing nothing but chaos coming from Democrats. Granted, it takes a while to recover from a disaster, and it is especially discouraging when the disaster is of your own making, like burning down the house because you …

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In a world where newer, faster and sleeker is often the mantra, a small group of racers have taken the opposite approach.

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Faith Bender, who will start her freshman year at Liberty next month, won the girls 15-16 year old division shot put title at the USATF Hershey National Junior Olympics Track and Field Championships on Wednesday in Lawrence, Kansas.

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Readers may recall that my column last Friday was about a recent hunting trip I took to New Zealand. It had an abrupt end because I failed to note that it was just the start of a two week story. I apologize for that.

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