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Readers shared their photos of the Kern River, and we wanted to share them with you. With graduation coming up, TBC wants to see your high school graduation photos. They could be recent or old grad photos. Let us know which high school you attended and what year you graduated. Send your imag…

The Convoy of Hope event was held at the old Montgomery Wards Plaza on F Street in Bakersfield where over 100 churches and community organizations came out to serve the community. Food, games, live entertainment, groceries, prayer, and some medical services were provided and everything was f…

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No. 4 Arizona State defeated No. 22 Cal State Bakersfield 13-4 in the fifth-place match Sunday at the MPSF Tournament in Los Angeles.

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The success or failure of each Bakersfield College football season is determined by the quality of local talent that suits up every week.

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Tyler Ferguson’s football journey has had many twists, turns and false starts.

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Sorry, liberals, federal courts can't make law, period. Our courts have become in some cases unconstitutional and are trying to become lawmakers. The Supreme Court must rein them in and put them back on the course of enforcing the law. If these judges don't like the law, it is too bad, they …

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An Orange County Register editorial that appeared in the April 25 Californian ("Charter schools meet demand for better education") criticized a well-researched report from In the Public Interest that questioned the practice of opening charter schools in areas where there is existing classroo…

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According to the DMV, each year in California, more than 100 people are killed and hundreds of thousands more are injured in bicycle-automobile collisions. Bicycle-related crashes are connected to both cyclists’ and drivers’ behavior. Bakersfield is consistently ranked as one of the worst me…

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