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  1. Louis Amestoy

    Wow what a gorgeous night here from @GoGadesGo http://t.co/kPtMPOSwBg

  2. Zach Ewing

    RT @baksports: BC video: Cerritos threat halted when ball stripped from receiver and BC recovers. https://t.co/T9ykMe1Spg

  3. Zach Ewing

    RT @baksports: Video: BC's Frasch blocks punt, Justin Nieto scores for BC, late 1st half: https://t.co/RgAwVmMiRA

  4. Zach Ewing

    RT @baksports: Halftime: BC 27, Cerritos 10.

  5. Louis Amestoy

    Wow! What a start here for @GoGadesGo today. 27-10 lead for the Gades. How's this play? https://t.co/vdSCftXvzM

  6. Trevor Horn

    My office today. Bakersfield College leads Cerritos 27-10 at the half. http://t.co/itJsQixudw

  7. Mark Powell

    #reminism http://t.co/WI0zdE3Gyr

  8. Mark Powell

    Wait. What? http://t.co/Gmpi1099kN

  9. Historic bank building -- in Taft -- born again
  10. LOIS HENRY: Healing veterans with a wet nose and a tail wag
  11. BVarsityLive

    It's homecoming for the 'Gades and we are here. http://t.co/MApIe0mhFf

  12. Louis Amestoy

    We're live from the top of BC for today's game against Cerritos http://t.co/bNflJXClOL

  13. Bakersfield College live blog vs. Cerritos
  14. Mark Powell

    Hey, he stole my sign. http://t.co/07KQORj4Sa

  15. BVarsity Live

    Are you following us on Instagram and Twitter (BVarsity Live)? No? Well, hurry up and do it. We cover Kern County preps like no one else does.

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