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Russell Lee Riggs, 69, of Weldon, was sentenced Monday to five years in prison for conspiring to manufacture, distribute and possess with intent to distribute marijuana grown in the Sequoia National Forest, the U.S. Attorneys Office said.

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Regarding professional athletes' anthem displays: It's wonderful that they're protesting injustice, something everyone of course is against. However, to protest by publicly disparaging their country's anthem, its flag, and the citizens who do honor them, they degrade themselves and the venue…

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It really is a sad thing to see the events occurring today that involve the Stars and Stripes. I keep hearing that the flag doesn’t represent this country. Wow! Do any of those making this claim have any knowledge of history? Try to think what this country would look like today if the result…

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There was an air of excitement inside Bakersfield Ice Sports Center on Monday morning as the Condors hit the ice for the first time with the opening of their American Hockey League training camp.

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