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Custom clothing designer Jocelyn Dimaya knows she's terrible with numbers. It's part of the reason she chose to work in a semi-private office suite surrounded by small-business owners like herself.

Intermittent nighttime lane closures have been scheduled for next week on Highway 58 between Highway 99 and Union Avenue, as well as on Highway 99 between Ming Avenue and Wilson Road.

Built in 1940, the roughly 2,000-seat venue known as The Dome is set to be demolished after its pending sale to Florida-based The GEO Group. The 15,000-square-foot building at 2201 V St. is rich in history, having hosted countless boxing, pro wrestling and musical events. Its final event, a …

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I guess I am the person identified in last week's Sound Off ("'Superman' deserved all that attention and more," July 14) who wants to be “looking like a complete fool” by supporting President Donald Trump for his positive accomplishments rather than focusing entirely on his sometimes regrett…